Léman Tour brings you a chance to experience and live a luxury in Swiss way as a real owner in Léman apartment surrounded by green trees at district 3.

Super high level Léman Tour gives you a chance to experience all the best features of Swiss – a happy and worth living country in the world. This tour is at Léman Luxury Apartments in lively Saigon.
The journey will lead you to explore and admire the Swiss architecture of the building. Espectly, you will not have to move too much but still have a full and emotional journey as all are available at Léman Luxury Apartments.

Léman Tour is a special gift for all our beloved customers that love European style and Switzerland, we promise to give you the new feelings mixes with unforgettable experiences that are waiting for you to explore.

Receive Passport for Léman Tour TẠI ĐÂY.

117 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Dist 3., HCM

0963 86 68 78