With nearly 30 years of continuous development experience, C.T Group is proud to build and put into operation works with impressive architectural style, highly appreciated by both professionals and customers.

When developing any project, C.T Group always focuses on deeply researching on local culture, history, international exchanges and boldly demonstrating the architectural language with its own philosophies. It is not surprising that the buildings named Léman have extremely unique architecture along with green living spaces that have scientific research and quality, giving the public a sophisticated and emotional experience. distinct imprints in each project.

The pearl in the heart of Saigon – Léman Luxury Building

Time Out UK newspaper has voted this area in the top 20 most wonderful neighborhoods in the world in 2019. Léman Building is proud to contribute and honor the beauty of District 3 and the city.

Léman Luxury is voted by many famous organizations as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Ho Chi Minh City with semi-classical Swiss architecture in the tower block is strangely harmonious with strong and modern podiums.

Léman Luxury – tuyệt tác Thụy Sĩ giữa lòng thành phố

Located in the “green heart of the city”, with a mixture of modern life and classic works of District 3, bustling but less busy, developed but still retaining historical value, the building Léman brings the serene purity of the Alps blends with the Saigon atmosphere, making everyone nostalgic if ever lived or worked here.

Vẻ đẹp đẳng cấp khác biệt

If during the day, the building is like a sculpture with strong cuts, simple but detailed, sharp, seen from a distance like a chorus whose musical notes are elegant and harmonious colors then At night, the Léman Luxury is even more magnificent by hundreds of warm yellow lights illuminating the floating motifs of the high-rise building like a castle suspended in space.

Léman Luxury thu hút với vẻ đẹp rực rỡ về đêm

Possessing a prominent position in the facade of hundreds of meters wide with two spacious veranda colonial walkways, reminiscent of the ancient, quiet of old Saigon, though familiar but strange. With rows of cool green trees, shaded as if to extend arms to embrace the quiet space of the street.

The smallest details of the Léman Luxury have the look of the luxury watch country. The columns of granite are made of majestic brown, but very modern, vivid thanks to the system of dozens of screens with internal sound, high-class stainless steel border imported from Japan, luxurious and aristocratic. The Léman Luxury is exquisite and beautiful from the smallest details, bringing absolute satisfaction to even Western guests.

Just cross the elevator hall sparkling with stone, Italian wood, warm pink stainless steel from Japan, dazzling 3D reliefs of the Swiss national flower – the Snow wings, on the snow mountain – is a world Another, unexpectedly quiet, only the sound of waterfalls flowing from a height of more than 60 meters and chirping birds singing, with a natural hanging garden of more than 1,000 square meters of green leaves, flowers, full of wind and natural sunshine. The extremely unique design of the hanging garden – a coveted and precious green patch of the city people and the 60m-high waterfall blocking the south air-inlet corridor not only creates a pure, fresh beauty permeating all around. around the building, but also provides excellent indicators of oxygen, temperature, and humidity for people living in the Building.

Léman Luxury is also particularly impressed with the 6-storey building with transparent glass with gardening space inside the office, the second floor overlooks the green lawn, with an escalator to ensure absolutely no elevator in the any situation. Modern building with professionally arranged functional subdivisions, creating an open working space full of creativity, high-end facilities, is now home to the headquarters of foreign companies. leading corporations in Vietnam, including CT Group.

The B1 floor of the building also has Bon Grocer Supermarket with a very fancy design, very European style can not be mixed with anywhere. The cloud-based swimming pool on the top of the building offers a full view of the center of Saigon, bringing the ultimate experience like wandering among the romantic clouds. Both the B1 floor and the cloud-lined swimming pool are famous filming spots, favored by the movie world.

With the building’s classy and unique architecture, Léman Luxury brings pride to the community of residents and the “white collar” when living and working here. Saigon lovers still call this place a green pearl in the heart of the city for 300 years.

Léman Cap – Resort of prestigious international awards

Léman Cap Resort is the Léman family resort real estate brand of C.T Group. Located on a small mountain slope, a beautiful terrain at Dau beach of the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau, with an artistic design, Léman Cap is the intersection of two Vietnamese – French cultures. decades from 40 to 50, those were ancient Villas with wide eaves, stretching along the mountainside overlooking the sea. Léman Cap Swimming Pool is rated as “Top 10 most beautiful infinity pools in Vietnam” by many prestigious travel magazines.

Léman Cap là sự giao thoa của hai nền văn hoá Việt – Pháp

Léman Cap has been internationally appreciated and recognized by a series of prestigious global awards for many consecutive years such as: Gold Circle Award (Agoda), Traveler Review Award (Booking.com), Excellent Service (Expedia.com) ), … attracts thousands of visitors to experience each year and take thousands of checkin photos that fill the world’s websites.

Léman Tree – a very private resort of C.T Group

Léman Tree is like a green oasis, located separately on the green and peaceful Cai River, crossing a wooden bridge and entering a pure, fresh and peaceful natural world. Surrounded by towering green bamboos, two old Nha Trang Villas (re-enacting Nha Trang with many French villas) and the ancient traditional house of Thanh (Nha Trang). This place is favored only for events and seminars of the Group and is a luxury resort for senior leaders.

Léman Tree được ví như một ốc đảo xanh tươi mang dấu ấn riêng biệt

With the imprint of a series of very own projects named Léman, CT Group has affirmed the success of the luxury brand Léman and continued to build more Léman projects across the country and to the world on the way of distribution. The Group’s sustainable development becomes “Vietnam’s Leading Urban Developer”, constantly contributing to sustainable values ​​to the community.