Miss Vietnam 2018 Tran Tieu Vy and two runner-ups had the opportunity to return to the Léman Luxury Apartments – not only the place to return to the beauties after training days but also keep many memories. in the race to reach the noble crown.

Tan Miss and 2 runner-ups are transported by luxury “box driver”. From Truong Dinh gate to the European-style garden entrance to the lobby, Top 3 were present at Léman luxury apartment located in the middle of “Green Mind” in Saigon.

The Swiss Hall is like the miniature Bern museum, this is a luxurious reception for the beauties when staying here.

Across the lobby, the beauties went to the elevator dedicated to the residents of the apartment area, which was decorated with reliefs of Snow Velvet flowers – the national flower of Switzerland that the girls couldn’t help but enjoy.

After the contest, all 3 are arranged to live in the same apartment, so they become even closer.

Léman Luxury Apartments luxury apartments, luxurious space, classy interior, have a green relaxing hanging garden right in front of each apartment. “This is really a wonderful place to relax and rest after a long tiring day”, Tan Miss 2018 Tran Tieu Vy shared.

Particularly runner 2 – Thuy An is extremely “addicted” to the high-end Bon Grocer area on the B1 floor of the building. She often spends a few minutes of free time with other candidates to go shopping to choose fruits and vegetables to help maintain a healthy figure.

Thuy An said she loves to soak in the infinity pool on the rooftop of the building. Here, Thuy An and other beauties had wonderful moments of relaxation with a cool cocktail and clear blue water amidst the spacious space of the sky …

Top 3 Miss Vietnam 2018 did not forget to save more beautiful moments at the Wine Cellar 1955 at the foot of the Léman building.